Olives – Clifton area of Cincinnati

We had a little taste of our former life, a pot of french press coffee, we shared it with fond thoughts. Back in the days of sedentary life mornings around the Van Gelder house were started with a round of french press coffee, getting wired for the coming day.   Now we may have over done it with two pots but sometimes you need that warm feeling.   However the reason we had two pots was due to the disappointing wait staff, it was almost 10 minutes before we were greeted. That is a huge pet peeve of mine, at least come over and say you are busy and will be right with you.

That rocky start was a passing moment, the food was fresh and well prepared. We went for a second breakfast instead of lunch. My latest craving has been for Eggs Benedict, I have a hard time passing that over.    Since becoming a pescatarian more than a year ago I get strong cravings, oh well.  Josh had an omelet but was hoping for the sold out raspberry stuffed french toast. I am guessing this is a winner.

So overall if you can stand the yuppy parents dinning with their hipster kids and poor service give the kitchen a try.

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