Fishbone’s – Grosse Point, MI

We are taking about another favorite place tonight, Fishbone’s has so much going for it.  Our first visit was over a year ago after a really long show in the area.  I was craving sushi and on a tip we headed here.  The menu is split into two elements the sushi menu and Cajun delights.  The service is hit or miss, we have been delighted with a knowledgeable waiter and almost offended by one that didn’t have the time to help us.  Fishbone’s is located just a few blocks from the marina we have a sail boat at and is becoming our post outing stop.  We usually sit out on the patio where the mood is very party and loud.  This dinning room is nothing like that, it’s very formal and quite.  They also have a bar that puts the mood right in middle, it is all around a perfect spot.

I highly recommend you give it a try, there is something for everyone.

Fishbone's Rhythm Kitchen Cafe on Urbanspoon

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