O’ Sushi – Dearborn, MI

When the tummy grumbles while in Dearborn O’sushi answers.  This is a hangout for the folks we work with, we often share a table with other teams.  Upon walking in you are greeted with a loud hello from the chef and seating by friendly staff that by now know us all by name.  The company manger that overseas the field teams was the first to try it.  He knows that owners of the one in Windsor.  Dearborn is close to where our office is.  The fish is always fresh.  They have a long menu of house rolls and always giving specials.  The bar is well stocked and service wonderful.  We usually come for lunch, it’s a very casual dining area.  There is just nothing bad to say about O’sushi!!!!!

O'sushi Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to O’ Sushi – Dearborn, MI

  1. ++MIRA++ says:

    o sushi is not bad at all for dearborn. just dont wander into kabuki (few blocks down). disgusting

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