Newton’s in the Marriot – Durham, NC

We have switched tours three times in the last week and most of our meals have been quick and nothing to talk about.  As things are starting to settle down we grabbed a bite from the hotel’s restaurant.   Honestly I didn’t expect much from a dinning room that was part of the lobby but the sort menu gave me hope.  While waiting for dinner we enjoyed a Red Oak, this regional brew is only available on tap and was very refreshing after working in the heat tonight.  I would never have tried it but a friend gave us the skinny on this gem.

I tried the Ahi Tuna entrée and I am not sure that is wasn’t chicken.  This virtually flavorless dish was only saved by the fact that the sides where light and I was too hot to care.

Josh’s steak was over cooked and not a good substitute for the pork he wanted but they were out of.  A disappointing dinner but great service.

Newton's at Marriott RTP on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Newton’s in the Marriot – Durham, NC

  1. Austin says:

    Just wait until you try Che Campbell this Friday evening. My wife gave me a smoker box for the grill for our anniversary and I’ve got some ideas for Friday night. Add that, plus a couple of bottles of New Belgium’s Ranger IPA and that’s what I call good eating.

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