Tex & Shirley’s Family Restarant – Greensboro, NC

You would never guess that this is little restaurant tucked into a shopping center was a haven for pancake lovers.  I don’t claim to be an expert of the fluffy little devils but on occasion I have been known to bury my face in a warm plate of buttermilk beauties.  This morning we make our way to Greensboro and to the car of dear friends.  The Campbells are folks we have known for years, they moved to Greensboro a year ago after Katherine was placed at a parish here.  They have found a home and thankfully have had time to find the gems around to share with us.  Austin and I have had many a yummy meal together over the year and I was truly looking forward to grabbing a plate.

After scanning the half page list of specialty pancake choices I went for these Strawberry delights,  it was a tough choice however.  I was interested in the Chili pancakes these feature their corn pancakes but the chili had meat in it.  Katherine did order a side of them and I have to say the nibble I got was almost to much of a tease!  I would highly recommend trying them.  I am not sure it is possible to go wrong on this menu, they will serve you up just about any side item that want.  It was heaven people!!!

Tex & Shirley's Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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