Lupie’s Cafe – Charlotte, NC

This cutie posing with the burger is Josh’s friend Bryan a Charlotte resident and our cuisine guild for the day.  He directed us to check out Lupie’s cafe a place that I would assume only locals know.  I say this because an outsider would not have a clue that this shack houses some amazing food.  Their menu is thick with vegetarian options and well crafted burgers.  It is a very casual enviroment and you instantly feel comfortable.  It is a dive and if you are a clean freak then don’t take this ride but you are missing out.

We were well taken care of by the staff, they sort of work at team to get the tables serviced efficiently.  We were there on a slow day but I would imagine that this are hopping for lunch.  I would honestly recommend this to anyone.

Lupie's Cafe on Urbanspoon

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