Lucky 32 Restaurant – Greensboro, NC

We have been in Greensboro for almost two weeks now, we are staying with friends and the meal focus is on quality time.  We have only been out to eat a few times and today we were on our own.  After looking at a few websites in the area to find reviews we settled on Lucky 32, most of the area hot spots are dinner centric.  From reviews it looked like lunch here might be a hit too.  Upon pulling into the parking lot and finding a space between a Land Rover and a BMW we both thought that maybe the $10-$15 was a fib.  We were immediately seated and greeted by wonderful staff.  Through the entire meal the staff was attentive not intrusive and they all moved around the restaurant very efficiently.

As for the food, I am gong to be long-winded here, it is tough to put a title one.  I use the “Modern American” here because the dishes are all traditional southern with a stylish touch.  All updated, less fried and with use of local produce and delicacies a delight.  The menu is seasonal and they have limited edition items based on what they get from a group of local farms.  I find that very appealing, anytime you can get something truly authentic to the area I am sold.  Josh had the BLT, a wonderful sandwich with bread just a little on the hard side.  I went for the Cornmeal Crusted Catfish and enjoyed the light batter.  All of the sides we picked were misses, potato salad, deviled eggs and cabbage.  Many reviews we read said this is a hit or miss, I belive that with the rotating menu it’s tough to find the best bet.  I would give this another shot and recommended it to our local friends.

Lucky 32 Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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