Natty Green’s – Greensboro, NC

Twist my arm to visit a Micro-brewery, we don’t often find on with good food.  Lucky we were not over whelmed by the delicious brews, the hotel restaurant a few weeks ago had a few on tap.  Our reason for coming to the downtown Greensboro area was to meet friends at M’Coul Pub, but didn’t want to eat there again.  Natty Green’s is located near free evening parking areas and has a lovely outdoor seating area.  Not that I was up for that, it was 95 out.  That’s me and my buddy Austin hamming it up.

I enjoyed the “tourist” nature of Natty’s, the collectible advertising and t-shirts.  It makes me feel comfortable taking pictures.  They serve mostly just sandwiches and burgers.  All of which are a little creative and very fresh.  Our wonderful waitress chatted about the brews and made some recommendations.  Honestly go for the beer but enjoy the food here folks.

Natty Greene's Pub & Brewing on Urbanspoon

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