Raven Coffeehouse – Port Huron, MI

I had to make a quick trip back to Port Huron for a festival, while I was there I hit up the Black Water Cafe, that’s a gimmy.  I also stopped into Raven Coffeehouse, I have to say it was the front of the building that drew me in.  Seeing the raven from a block away I headed down the street to investigate.  Honestly it looks like an Irish pub, so it was very suprising when I stepped inside.  This is a place for locals, it was hard to tell what how to order, you can’t tell if this is an order from the counter or table place.  Once I asked a waitress and was given three menus I settled in.  Yeah I said three menus, a drink menu, a food menu and pastry menu.   A bit overwhelming at first there is a theme to all

I picked an Italian Orange Soda, however it was tough to steer away from the coffee drinks.  Being 95 outside helped.  As I said before the food menu has a theme, all simular ingredients just put together differently and in a salad or sandwich.  It’s very veggie friendly.  They offer many unique cheese combination and add lots of dried fruit or sauces.

My sandwich was divine and the daily special, $2 off.  I would love a chance to bring a friend with me next time.

Raven Coffeehouse & Cafe on Urbanspoon

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