Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue – Kansas City

When going to dinner at a highly reviewed restaurant the expectations can get a little lofty, such was the case for Fiorrella’s Jack Stack Barbecue.  We couldn’t find a bad review in the plenty we read, one should always be aware that when some folks are going out to eat they just want food they don’t cook themselves.  The area and restaurant itself are very nice and we were looking forward to being seated.  That took a moment, another good sign, so we went to the bar to wait.  I was greeted by a sight that warmed my heart; Schlitz on Tap!!!!  Some of you may recall I spent some time as a Schlitz girl and truly love the beer.  I also collect Schlitz memorabilia.  So needless to say I had a few and this place was off to a great start.

After being seated we dove into the menu Josh picked ribs, this is a BBQ joint folks and I settled on the catch of the day, Catfish.  A guilty pleasure of mine and figuring they would know how to do it right I was excited.  Well that’s where things started to fall apart, the catfish was out.  I wonder if they even had any, this is a ribs place after all, my dish was replaced by Salmon and we moved on.  I wish that I could say all was well after that but in fact the meal was just sub par.  Josh commented that the barbeque sauce tasted way to much like ketchup and I would agree, it had no back to it.  Not that we are big barbeque experts but we have been to rib joints all over the country and to a rib festival.  Josh knows a thing or two about good sauce.  My fish was terrible to top it off.  The manager did comp us a dessert but by that time we weren’t hungry, wish she had just gotten us a round.  That is one huge separation between us and typical dinners, we go out for a dinner not for a dining experience.  Dessert is rarely on the list, except for pie!!!!

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