Tricky Fish – Charleston, WV

Thought it might be fun to live blog a meal for once, that and I’m dining alone. This is our third visit to Charleston and each time have hit a different area of town. Having our exhibit at the state capital complex is fun but makes it difficult for both Josh and I to get away for lunch. I have been sneaking up the block to a trio of dining establishments. Bluegrass Kitchen drew me in first, then onto Frutcake and to round out the family I’m at Tricky Fish. All three are no nonsense “we try to serve you good food” places.

Tricky Fish is more of a carry-out place but I placed an order and grabbed a table. I’m sure you’d be shocked that I went for the Mahi-Mahi tacos, never right. Certainly have a baseline for these by now but what got me excited was the availability of crunchy shells. Takes me back to my Taco Johns days.

For about $10 I got these two beauties with beans and rice, I little high but oh well. The side was a little boring, not accusing anything here but it tasted a bit from a package for me. However I digress, you came to hear about the fish right? Perfectly spicy chunks of grilled fish that were covered in a light pico and topped with a white sauce are what you get. A winner in my book. Charleston is lucky to find all three of these gems clustered together. What we have here is another West Virginia visit that did not disappoint.


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