Wynkoop Brewing Company – Denver, CO

If you were given two whole days off in the Denver area and you were a fun-loving couple like us where would you head.  LoDo that’s where, so that’s just where we put our feet down for an afternoon of food and brews.  After walking around a bit and looking at a fun cowboy clothing store it felt like about time to stop for a drink.  What better place to wet your whistle than a micro-brewery.  After using the wonders of modern technology we found ourselves strolling down the sidewalk to Wynkoop Brewing Co.  This place was packed to the gills including the patio, it was a beautiful day.  After being greeted by a bubbly but busy waitress the decision was made to hit the sampler and add the pretzel bites.

Josh and I have very different tastes in beer, I prefer the wheat and he goes to an IPA.  While there are a few special varieties we are both agree on like Magic Hat #9, a sample fleet usually lets us taste and find a few each we like.  Unfortunately not here, we both only liked the signature Light Rail Ale.  Most of the brews were too heavy, too bitter or flat.

While we didn’t enjoy the beers it was still fun.  The staff is great and you can easily have a great time.

Wynkoop Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

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4 Responses to Wynkoop Brewing Company – Denver, CO

  1. Lynn says:

    Sounds like fun – I usually enjoy a beer sampler. But like you, I like wheat beers.

  2. Jazzi says:

    And….so are you gonna write about the Iris Rose in Rockford?? Hehehe


  3. BeerLover says:

    You should check out Tahona Grille in Downtown Huntington WV. I’ve been there and I think you might like it. They have a lot of craft beers.

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