Seed Kitchen and Bar – Marietta, GA

It was a bit surprising to find such a nice restaurant tucked into a strip mall but that’s just a first look. It’s not your typical strip mall in your typical neighborhood. For an outsider it may not be apparent that this area is quite affluent. The adjacent Whole Food should have given me a clue. The storefront is simple and well marked with the Seed Kitchen logo, a red sunburst with a large “S” in the center. We were immediately greeted and seating on the patio.

Our waiter Brian was delightful, helpful and seemed excited to have first time guests. He briefed us on the menu and specials. Taking time to point out that the menus are seasonal, they strive to us as much local produce as possible and the chef likes to keep a local influence in his dishes. Brian pointed out that using local produce allows the restaurant to lower their costs. I did notice that. The menu prices were a few dollars lower that you would expect at a comparable place. Their website gets deeper into all of these elements,


We started with Deviled Eggs, a creamy delight topped with smoked salmon. The menu did say that they would be accompanied with a jalapeno sauce but we didn’t taste much heat or tang that would expect with deviled eggs. All and all they were very light and a perfect starter on a midday meal.


Josh went for the highly recommended House Smoked Brisket Hash, but it wasn’t a hit for him. His commented were that the brisket was a bit bland and the other “hash” ingredients didn’t mingle well. They seasoning on the potatoes didn’t enhance the brisket.


I couldn’t resist the daily fish special – Speckled Ocean Trout accompanied by signature side item of brussel sprouts and cauliflower. The sided had a wonderful smoky flavor but without a bit of fish with each morsel the saltiness was a bit strong. My dish was smoky, salty, fishy and yummy; everything went well together and was perfectly light.

Seed Kitchen & Bar was delightful and the perfect place for lunch.  I would highly recommend for comfortable environment and delicious menu.

Seed Kitchen & Bar

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