Food and Furniture

Most mornings while taking the pooch for a walk I tune into a Minneapolis public radio station called The Current. It’s a way to keep up on what’s happenings in a city I miss. Plus they just make good radio. A few times I’ve caught one of the local foodies giving the 411 on what’s new in the area. A restaurant called Parka was the hot topic last week. It’s the spawn of a few local food superstars, always trying to find what makes a hipster hop to the next thing. The food might be awesome but what was really making waves was that they share space with a trendy home interior store. While that is cool, I’ve been there and done that.

A few years ago, while in Athens, TX, I had a similar experience dining at Sweet Pea Bistro. Located at one end of a shabby chic boutique called Sweet Pea collection, they offer a variety of savory options including crazy pastries. Since my visit they have added some aesthetic elements that give the cafe area and the shopping areas definitions. When I went they tables butted right up against the displays. I found it a bit strange but the food was good. So why not grab a tuna fish sandwich while picking up a mother’s day gift.

Is this a sign that we are becoming lazy diner?  A location must have something more than good food to spark our interest?

Sweet Pea Bistro on Urbanspoon

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hey there,

    Great Blog!

    Just happen to stumble across it but if you’ve got a moment an shoot me an email I’d like to chat.


    andrew [at] foodio54 [dot] com

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