Hangar One – Wichita, KS

Here is a tale for you, an epic is you will; taking a co-worker you don’t like out for their birthday!  Those of you who are regular readers may have picked up on what I for a living that always me to travel so much.  My husband and I work in event marketing, while we have our own clients there are times when we must strike out and help another couple with their tour.  Such a task took us to Kansas and into the company of some folks that I would not normally choose to dine with.  Not that Wichita doesn’t have it’s perks, @Kimbrs lives there, a dear friend!!!  However I digress back to the evening saved by a wonderful waitress.

We had the terrible timing to take over a tour on someone’s birthday so after a day of working with them we had to take him to dinner.  Oh for a couple who travels so much you would think that would be a blessing, it is when you are joined by friends like the Campbells not when are you dining with a guy who hits on the waitress.  She was wonderful taking his completely inappropriate comments and getting up the perfect meal.  The food was good but this poor girl put up with so much.  At one point in the meal he got up and started talking to the tables around us!!!

Please give Hangar One a shot, the service saved the day.

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Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue – Kansas City

When going to dinner at a highly reviewed restaurant the expectations can get a little lofty, such was the case for Fiorrella’s Jack Stack Barbecue.  We couldn’t find a bad review in the plenty we read, one should always be aware that when some folks are going out to eat they just want food they don’t cook themselves.  The area and restaurant itself are very nice and we were looking forward to being seated.  That took a moment, another good sign, so we went to the bar to wait.  I was greeted by a sight that warmed my heart; Schlitz on Tap!!!!  Some of you may recall I spent some time as a Schlitz girl and truly love the beer.  I also collect Schlitz memorabilia.  So needless to say I had a few and this place was off to a great start.

After being seated we dove into the menu Josh picked ribs, this is a BBQ joint folks and I settled on the catch of the day, Catfish.  A guilty pleasure of mine and figuring they would know how to do it right I was excited.  Well that’s where things started to fall apart, the catfish was out.  I wonder if they even had any, this is a ribs place after all, my dish was replaced by Salmon and we moved on.  I wish that I could say all was well after that but in fact the meal was just sub par.  Josh commented that the barbeque sauce tasted way to much like ketchup and I would agree, it had no back to it.  Not that we are big barbeque experts but we have been to rib joints all over the country and to a rib festival.  Josh knows a thing or two about good sauce.  My fish was terrible to top it off.  The manager did comp us a dessert but by that time we weren’t hungry, wish she had just gotten us a round.  That is one huge separation between us and typical dinners, we go out for a dinner not for a dining experience.  Dessert is rarely on the list, except for pie!!!!

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Spats – Parkersburg, WV

If you want to spend a lovely evening in Parkersburg than Spats is your only option, not just because of the fact it’s Parkersburg but because this is a gem.  Located on the ground floor of the Blennerhassett Hotel in downtown you pass through the lovely jazz bar first before reaching the dining room.  We have dined there before but on our last visit took the opportunity to sit on the patio and enjoy the band.  When you start off with a lovely bottle of Shiraz it’s hard to go wrong.

One feature about this restaurant I love is the seasonal menus; something always jumps out at me.  One real delight was the patio menu, a grouping a fresh hot and cold dishes that were perfect for summer weather.  I went for one of the flatbread pizzas, one covered in smoked salmon!  We all enjoyed the dinner; service could have been a little better.  We often go to dinner right after working, sometimes a little dirty and often in jeans.  Most of the time the staff doesn’t seem to be bothered by it but every so often we get a snooty waiter who thinks we’ll skimp on tip.  Just goes to show that you never know who is at your table, might be blogging about it!

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Sushi House – Concord, MA

I stopped into Sushi House for dinner last week while waiting for my husband to get to town.  We had to hit up separate tours for a few days.  The restaurant is upstairs in the building and a little dumpy but the service was wonderful.  I was greeted by smiling waitresses and a friendly chef.  The menu was easy to navigate and full of fresh ideas.  I truly had a nice meal and would love to come back.

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Red Star Tavern – Louisville, KY

Honestly we deserved to be punished for thinking that a good meal could be found at a fair price on Louisville’s 4th Street Live.  Well we were, it was late on a Monday night and there are never many options for dinner.  We were already in downtown decided to just stay in this area and find a place for chow.  We perused the menus posted by doors and after avoided in the Planet Hollywood we went into Red Star Tavern.

This place was terrible, the food was overcooked and the sauces are just way to overpowering.  You get the impression that they are using sauce to cover up the poor preparation and give some divergence of flavor.  The dishes are priced at $17+ and just not worth it.  Josh did enjoy the mac and cheese and out waitress was great but folks don’t waste your time.

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Blind Pig – Louisville, KY

We chose to the Blind Pig on our Anniversary this year, based on reviews and sample menus it looked like a perfect fit. We like the more modern style cuisine they offer and the casual environment is just right. I was certain we had picked right when walking in the door. The kitchen is part of the dinning room and the tables are simple. It has a warm yet formal feel. It’s very low-key but high-class, I was excited. The wine list was a little tough, for us as least; wonderful descriptions but many of the bottles where organic and I just have no reference there.

Onto the dinner, our lovely waitress was prompt and pleasant; fit perfectly with the laid back vibe. She helped us with a wine selection and was just right around when needed. We were not wanting a low light “romantic” restaurant; we’re not that kind of diners. Josh went for the Shepard’s Pie, it looked very creative with lamb and bison. I picked the salmon. The kitchen is always moving but not loud or distracting just hums along next to you. Our dinner arrived hot and wonderfully presented. Josh did not enjoy the Shepard’s Pie, the base was tomato and that is just not his thing. My fish was divine, I rarely clean my plate but wowzers, I wanted seconds. Delicate and savory each bite was perfect. I think we had a Torte for dessert but as you can guess it was not memorable.  I give this place a mixed review, the menu is nice but it’s a pricey place and you want make sure you get something you will enjoy.

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Lexx – Lexington, MA

On a street packed with highly reviewed restaurants we picked Lexx, it has some mixed reviews which usually means that the menu rotates.  We were pleasantly surprised by the relaxing lounge and friendly staff.  The menu is pretty simple, a collection of light summer dishes.  We both chose a spin-offs of a caprices salad, mine in a wrap and Josh with added ham.  Both very light and refreshing.  I have to comment on the lemonade, to me it is often heavy and a bit syrupy but this was light and so refreshing.  As you can see my wrap is stuffed with yummy mozzarella cheese and ripe tomatoes.  We have a real winner here folks.

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