Bistro 42 – Asheboro, NC

I posted not too long ago over on our main blog about how we find places to eat on the road. We don’t rely on recommendations from locals but do check out With any user fueled site you are bound to find gaps in the information. That information gap lead us to Bistro 42, honestly it just sounded interesting. Usually locals complaining about the price of food is a sign that dining is closer to our style. I can’t take full credit for deciding on Bistro 42, we did ask a local about it too. Well enough of that, let’s get to the juicy part.

I can tell you with total certainty that after our evening at Bistro 42 I felt for the first time that I’m missing out on something by not eating meat. We were seated at a small hightop table by the door, punishment for not making a reservation. I of course pouted a bit but a yummy bottle of wine shut that right up. Their wine and beer selection are as diverse as the menu. I’m having a great deal of trouble putting the cuisine into a category. I’m going to put the Modern American stamp on it.

Our very friendly and laid back waitress was eager to share the specials, which was capped off by a Chef’s Recommendation. I decided the Mahi Mahi was a good fit for me and Josh just couldn’t resist the recommended special of pork chop. My fish was light, with delicately seasoned veggies and a creamy rice. Very good over all and a nice small portion. What we did not expect was the hulking two inch think slab of heaven that was plated in front of Josh. Lovingly grilled and accompanied with sautéd onions and mushrooms. After watching Josh’s eyes roll back in his head I just had to have a nibble. I still can’t believe he was willing to share.

That nibble has sent me onto a dangerous road. Do I fill my belly with delicious fleshy morsels and live with constant gas or just recall this bite with glee and longing. This was an epic meal, a perfect dinning experience that will be cherished from some time.

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