Spats – Parkersburg, WV

If you want to spend a lovely evening in Parkersburg than Spats is your only option, not just because of the fact it’s Parkersburg but because this is a gem.  Located on the ground floor of the Blennerhassett Hotel in downtown you pass through the lovely jazz bar first before reaching the dining room.  We have dined there before but on our last visit took the opportunity to sit on the patio and enjoy the band.  When you start off with a lovely bottle of Shiraz it’s hard to go wrong.

One feature about this restaurant I love is the seasonal menus; something always jumps out at me.  One real delight was the patio menu, a grouping a fresh hot and cold dishes that were perfect for summer weather.  I went for one of the flatbread pizzas, one covered in smoked salmon!  We all enjoyed the dinner; service could have been a little better.  We often go to dinner right after working, sometimes a little dirty and often in jeans.  Most of the time the staff doesn’t seem to be bothered by it but every so often we get a snooty waiter who thinks we’ll skimp on tip.  Just goes to show that you never know who is at your table, might be blogging about it!

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